Mechanical Property Device

Mechanical property device( Universal Tester):The maximum test force: the 600KN; measuring range 4%-100%F.S; measuring force showing the value of relative error: is less than or equal to + 1%; tensile nipper jaw. The largest gap: 700mm. Flat specimen clip to width: is less than or equal to 70...

Product Details

 Mechanical property device( Universal Tester):The maximum test force: the 600KN; measuring range 4%-100%F.S; measuring force showing the value of relative error: is less than or equal to + 1%; tensile nipper jaw. The largest gap: 700mm. Flat specimen clip to width: is less than or equal to 70 mm; flat specimen clip to thickness: 0-30mm; round specimen clip diameter: 13-40mm; with rounded shoulders specimen clamping diameter: 13,18,24mm