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Application of Blasting Tester

Apr 06, 2017

Blasting tester also known as blasting test bench, hydraulic test machine, hydraulic comprehensive test bench, oil pressure tester, and so on, its use in the industrial field is very extensive, today, a billion Wei Shi summed up the water pressure tester in the industrial manufacturing of 10 common applications, and everyone to share.
1. Hydrostatic flaw detection;
2. Pressure and blasting test of small valves;
3. Hydrostatic test and blasting test of pressure vessel;
4. Hydrostatic and blasting tests of various metallic and nonmetallic tubes;
5. Pressure test of various oil tools;
6. Pressure instrumentation and revision;
7. Inject chemical reagent into high-pressure reactor;
8. Fire water Belt and fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment pressure test and blasting test;
9. Automotive braking system detection;
10. Hydraulic system, hydraulic components, hydraulic components sealing performance, hydrostatic pressure and blasting test.