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Four-point principles for using gas cylinders to inspect equipment

Apr 06, 2017

1. High-pressure cylinders should be classified in custody, if it is upright, it should be secured, should be the principle of the gas bottle all heat source, to avoid the strong vibration and exposure to it, normally, in the laboratory, stored in the cylinders must not exceed two.

2. The pressure reducer on the high-pressure gas cylinders should also be classified and dedicated, in the installation of the time, must tighten the screw buckle, prevent leakage and other phenomena, the pressure reducer and valve switches, action should be kept slow, in use, the first switch valve unscrew, before opening the pressure reducer, and the end of the use of the switch valve should be shut down, after the remaining gas completely drained, in order to shut down the pressure reducer, the sequence must not appear upside down.

3. The use of high-pressure gas cylinders, the operator is best to stand in the air bottle of the vertical place, in the operation, can not appear impact and knock, etc., also need to check the leak, always pay attention to the pressure gauge values.

4. If it is a hydrogen bottle or oxygen cylinder, it should be equipped with a dedicated tool to use, and no contact with the oil, and the operation of the personnel should wear special clothing and gloves, to avoid explosion and combustion phenomena.