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Inspection and overhaul of gas cylinders

Apr 06, 2017

The external measurement of the gas bottle test equipment is to use the gas bottle to carry out the hydrostatic test. Then, by measuring the volume and the residual deformation rate of the measurer, it can read the volume directly from the graduated cylinder, and the residual quantity does not need to carry out complex calculations, and this method can avoid the leakage of the pressure pump.

The inside of the gas bottle inspection device is the same as the outer side of the cylinder, but one is the inner one, it is mainly under pressure to enter the water cylinder, and then see how much water from the bottle will discharge, thus calculating the numerical value, this method is somewhat simple and convenient to operate the test device, and if the gas bottle has leakage phenomenon, it is also easy to find, and the internal method of testing closer to the actual cylinder shell changes process.