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Liquid chlorine cylinders Charging matters

Apr 06, 2017

Liquid chlorine cylinders Charging mattersLiquid chlorine cylinders shall not be filled in one of the following cases:
1 paint color, the words and the installed gases do not conform to the stipulation or paint color, an appearance off, not easy to identify gas category.
2 The safety attachment is incomplete, damaged or inconsistent with the regulations.
3 not to ascertain what gases and bottles of residual pressure below 0.05MPa.
4 bottle body temperature exceeds 40 ℃.
5 Stamp marking is incomplete or unrecognized.
6 exceed the technical inspection deadline.
7 The appearance of bottle body is defective, it is not guaranteed to use safely.
8 The bottle body or the bottle valve is stained with grease or dirt, the bottle valve corrosion is serious outside.