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Pulse Tester Maintenance

Apr 06, 2017

Pulse Tester is based on the national standard design and manufacture of testing equipment for hose, mainly used in automotive brake hose, power steering tube, air-conditioning tube pulse test, the test machine maintenance, repair work should be noted:

1 The maintenance and inspection of the tester must be carried out according to the requirements in the specification;

2 when the tester is in operation, the general condition shall not be carried out for maintenance work unless it must be done in the running of the tester.

3 in the hydraulic piping maintenance before, should first adjust the pressure handle to unload (pressure gauge display close to zero), the test bench stops running, oil temperature drops to 40 ℃ (digital thermometer display value).

4 when the electrical system for maintenance work, in order to prevent accidents, must master the knowledge of electrical control and after the collision repair personnel, in the test bench with the authorization of units, the console can be maintained and adjusted internal.