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What is the classification of mould cleaner?

Apr 06, 2017

Mold washing machine varieties are: pure ultrasonic cleaning machine, semi-automatic electrolytic mold cleaning machine, automatic electrolytic mold cleaning machine.

Pure Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine: is a kind of use of ultrasonic cavitation technology, through the ultrasonic transducer vibration emission principle, can simply remove the surface of the mold oil, cleaning effect is not thorough, precision mold cleaning and maintenance do not have to consider.

Electrolytic Mould Cleaning Machine: Using electrolytic action, the dirt is influenced by the current action, which produces positive and negative molecules, by the catalysis of oxygen and hydrogen produced on the surface of metal. To make the part of the dirt fast decomposition, stripping and surfacing, using a special solution by the full chemical effect of the rapid decomposition of dirt, effectively eliminating the mold oil, rust, sulfide, gas, plastic deposition of carbon and other dirt.