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Cylinder Test Equipment To Ensure The Quality Of Testing

May 26, 2017

Cylinder testing equipment, is a vehicle compressed natural gas cylinders, steel liner fiber ring winding cylinder inspection line is based on domestic and foreign CNG / LNG new energy vehicle car cylinder requirements, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments combined with China's actual situation developed from of.

Cylinder test equipment detection range

Cylinder inspection line for the design, manufacture nominal working pressure of 16-25MPa, the nominal volume of 30-200L, to meet the same type of compressed natural gas, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments the specifications of the steel lining ring winding cylinder regularly inspection and evaluation.

1, natural gas cylinders Technical parameters:

① cylinder diameter: φ219-φ426mm

② cylinder length: 600 - 2000mm

③ cylinder weight: ≤ 160Kg

2, the cylinder shape: form A (bottom), form B (concave bottom), form C (two bottles)

Overall performance

1, to meet the vehicle natural gas cylinders annual inspection 5000-15000 only.

2, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments suitable for different specifications of the integrated inspection of cylinders to meet the relevant national laws and regulations, standards for natural gas cylinder inspection requirements.

3, the detection line has a certain degree of automation operation, to achieve water operations, greatly improve the detection efficiency, to ensure the quality of testing.