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Detection Range Of Liquid Gas Cylinder Testing Equipment

Jun 26, 2017

Liquefied petroleum gas cylinder testing equipment is based on the domestic and international use of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders requirements, LPG Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments combined with China's actual situation developed from the liquefied petroleum gas cylinders complete test line.

Detection range of liquid gas cylinder testing equipment

Liquefied gas cylinder testing equipment for YSP-0.5 type, YSP-2.0 type, YSP-5.0 type, YSP & mdash; 10 type and YSP-15 type cylinder, 1.2L, 4.7L, 12L, 23 .5L, 35.5L, 118L refillable civilian liquefied petroleum gas cylinders.

Liquefied gas cylinder testing equipment overall performance requirements:

1, the design of the annual inspection capacity of 80,000 only.

2, suitable for different specifications of the integrated inspection of cylinders to meet the requirements of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders and the relevant national laws and regulations, standards.

3, the detection line has a certain degree of automation operation, LPG Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments to achieve water operations, greatly improve the detection efficiency, to ensure the quality of testing.

Main equipment:

1. CYHS-01 type liquefied gas residue recovery device

The device for the liquefied petroleum gas cylinder inspection station recycling copper bottle residue. According to GB8334 & mdash; 1999 standard requirements for the recovery of residual liquid, the device uses the water ring vacuum pump to extract the residual liquid and residual residue into the residue separator, in the negative pressure state to evaporate the residue, the water ring vacuum pump to the gas Separate the separator, LPG Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments the separation of the gas directly to the incinerator burn the whole system closed extraction, transport, so that environmental protection and energy saving device can only be used to provide units of incinerator.

The main technical parameters:

Exhaust gas (*** large): 1.5m3 / min

Limit pressure: & asymp; 0.097Mpa

Residual separator volume: 0.6m3

Residual separator design pressure: 0.6Mpa

Gas and water separator volume: 0.15m3

Gas water separator design pressure: 0.6Mpa

The main technical parameters:

(1) Test pressure: 3.2Mpa;

(2) test range: YSP-10, YSP & mdash; LPG Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments 15 type liquefied petroleum gas cylinders

(3) Working air pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa;

(4) working gas flow: & ge; 1m3 / min;