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Gas Bottle Test Equipment Labor Production Efficiency Is High

Aug 01, 2017

Gas cylinder test equipment is applicable to high-pressure gas cylinders (oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen, etc.) as a hydraulic strength test, with the unloading valve, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments hydraulic strength test, tilting water, bottle valve and other four functions.

The gas cylinder test equipment is suitable for the oxygen and dissolved acetylene gas cylinder valve inspection. Main features, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments strong sealing performance, flexible rotation, automatic control, labor productivity.

The gas bottle test equipment equipment is suitable for the design, the manufacture nominal work pressure is 16-25m p A, the nominal volume is the 30-200l, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments satisfies the compressed natural gas cylinder, the different type, the specification steel inner liner circumferential winding gas bottle periodically inspection and the appraisal.

Characteristics of gas cylinder test equipment

1, equipped with imported gas-driven gas automatic booster pump, can easily realize the output pressure arbitrary adjustable, controllable.

2, advanced technology, reasonable structure design. Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments It has the characteristics of small size, light weight and beautiful appearance.

3, all pressure components are used internationally renowned brand standard parts, without any welding connection, easy disassembly, high safety factor, long life, easy to maintain.

Various gas bottle test equipment Application Range

0-200mpa airtight test, can meet the drilling blowout preventer, oil production (gas) tree and wellhead devices, throttling and pressure wells and other products of the factory inspection, and at the same time to meet the functional test of the above products. This type of gas seal test platens is suitable for oil engineering pipe, blowout preventer, Valve, wellhead installation, pipe sinks, downhole tools and aviation, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments scientific research institutions and various industries, such as various types of pressure vessels airtight detection.