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High Efficiency Of Gas Cylinder Test Equipment

Oct 20, 2017

The gas bottle test equipment is suitable for the nominal working pressure ≤25mpa, the nominal volume (30l-150l) Compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinder, also can satisfy the corresponding (CNG) steel inner liner annulus winding compound gas bottle (hereinafter referred to as wound bottle) periodical inspection.

Gas cylinder test Equipment The medium in the natural gas bottle, under the condition of guaranteeing safety, sanitation and pollution-free environment, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments use proper method to exhaust the gas and then replace it with nitrogen.

Gas bottle test equipment is suitable for gas tightness test of gas bottle with 800~2000mm length

The gas cylinder test equipment is easy to operate, safe, flexible, low labor intensity and high efficiency.

The gas bottle test equipment is suitable for the high pressure cleaning inside the natural gas bottle, cleans the dirt residue inside the gas bottle cleanly

The gas cylinder test equipment includes: gas cylinder cylinder steel endoscope, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments gas bottle hydrostatic test machine, bottle valve loader, filling equipment, deformation inspection equipment, bottle valve calibration table, coating equipment, derusting blasting equipment, such as equipment is based on the gas bottle manufacturer, gas bottle testing station manufacturing and maintenance needs, gas bottle test equipment to comply with safety supervision procedures standard cylinders, For inspection. Gas cylinder testing equipment, solid structure, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments reliable performance, advanced technology, easy to operate, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments suitable for various atmospheric bottles, cylinder manufacturers and special inspection Department.

Main requirements for performance of gas cylinder test equipment

* Cylinder test equipment capability of all performance indicators are 80L cylinders for reference.

* Gas bottle test equipment layout is reasonable, smooth, can according to the corresponding standards to complete the detection of various purposes.

* Gas bottle test equipment has a certain degree of automation, mechanization capacity. Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments To ensure the reduction of labor intensity, improve detection efficiency and ensure the quality and safety of detection.

* Gas bottle testing equipment should be easy to operate, easy to maintain, safe and reliable movement, in line with human engineering requirements.

* It can collect and process the data automatically, realize the computer control, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments and has the high information processing ability.

* Reasonable use of new technologies and processes to achieve energy-saving noise, recycling, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments environmental protection emissions, safe and reliable.