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Knowledge Essentials Of Water-borne Paint For Steel Cylinders

Apr 06, 2017

1. Automotive coatings: With the rapid development of automotive industry, automotive coatings are also increasing, since 2008 Shanghai GM launched the first water-based automotive coatings production line, the domestic automotive coatings new production line to design all waterborne coatings, waterborne coatings has become the mainstream of automotive coatings.

2. Railway Vehicle coatings: Body painting is mostly used in traditional solvent-based coatings, which contains a large number of organic solvents, transport, transportation, construction inconvenience and security risks.

3. Heavy Anti-Corrosion coatings: At present, by the oil resources and environmental protection regulations, anti-corrosion coatings began by the traditional solvent-based "green" direction, which water-based technology is the focus of today's research and one of the main development directions.

4. Waterborne Container Coatings: The current world container annual output exceeds 3.5 million standard boxes, the annual coating of about 400,000 T, worth about 6 billion yuan.

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