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Main Functions Of Cylinder Test Equipment

Aug 11, 2017

Gas bottle test equipment is mainly used to detect the curing and drying of gas bottle equipment, the next words, in fact, including the gas bottle and gas tightness of the gas bottle itself a test. Next, a brief introduction to the main functions of the gas bottle test equipment.

Gas cylinder test equipment in the inspection, the main will be divided into two parts, first of all, in fact, it is to pay attention to the regular inspection of a purpose; Next, we are actually to pay attention to its periodic inspection of a cycle, for such a difference, in fact, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments it is convenient for us to learn about this knowledge, but also to more in-depth understanding of the gas bottle testing equipment.

Next, we actually should pay attention to look at the gas bottle test equipment itself has the main function; 1th, in fact, it means that it has two different control methods, in which the main will include manual control and its automatic control, in between the two, in fact, is independent of each other, so to speak, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments we actually can be used alone.

Cylinder test equipment in the speed of the step-up in fact, can be adjusted by itself; the next words, for its entire test time speaking, in terms of its unit can be: seconds, minutes, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments hours and days to be expressed; for the unit of its pressure, we can actually change the time.

Finally, we should be mindful of the fact that the gas bottle test equipment is in the works. In terms of gas cylinders, it is actually able to adjust the output of liquid in the pressure is very low, then, in fact, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments can be directly on the different multi-stage pressure treatment, more important point, the gas bottle test equipment can automatically calculate the deformation rate of the volume.

In the following words, we will come up with how to properly standardize the use of cylinder test equipment.

First of all, we should pay attention to the detection interference between different sensors when we use the cylinder test equipment. In general, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments we will find that each sensor is a specific test of the corresponding gas, but here is a special description, no matter which gas detector can not be absolute effects. These are no exception to those contained in the cylinder test equipment.

Therefore, when we choose a gas sensor, we must be careful to understand as much as possible the other gases for this cylinder test equipment interference exists, the purpose is to ensure that it for specific gas accurate detection.

Second, we should also pay attention to the cylinder test equipment its concentration measurement range. So to speak, each test equipment has its own fixed detection range, only within the specified range of measurement to ensure that it is accurate and effective. Conversely, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments not only does not have the effective detection data, but also may destroy the gas bottle test equipment which we use the flexibility.

At the last point, let's focus on how the cylinder test device is accurate.

In general, we will find that we need to recalibrate the cylinders after a long time, and we also notice that if we use the method of the cylinder test equipment is not appropriate, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments it will greatly reduce the measurement accuracy of the gas detector. This requires us to operate these instruments in strict accordance with the specifications, carefully maintain and maintenance.