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Storage Requirements For Oxygen And Acetylene Cylinders

Apr 06, 2017

1. Oxygen and acetylene cylinders are stored in the plant's cylinder line at the site must be away from the hot spots, well ventilated, back Yang.
2. Cylinders must be stored in cages, or in fixed hygiene on walls, and in cages for the cylinders to be fixed hygiene.
3. Fixed hygiene by angle steel, fixed in cages or walls, fixed hygiene number: 2, Height: At the height of 1/3 and 2/3 of the cylinders.
4. Fixed hygiene on the installation of chains, in the middle of the cylinder embedding, tying the chain, mainly fixed cylinders, placing dumping.
5. The storage of acetylene and oxygen cylinders is preserved over 10 meters.
6. Acetylene and oxygen cylinders must be hung "empty bottles" or "full bottle" brands, two brands of color may not be the same or similar, recommended red card and green card.
7. Conditional, as far as possible to make cages, cage height of about 2 meters, 4 is the iron mesh and angle steel production, front door, doors must be locked, each face length and width according to the number of storage cylinders determined, the cage color proposal is yellow, more eye-catching, the cage has a top, tin production, with a 15-degree downward slope, when the cage is placed outdoors to avoid stagnant water, while reducing sunshine.
8. The gas bottle storehouse should have shading measure;
9. The gas bottle anti-dumping measures do not apply the iron chain, the application of soft rope up and down two ways.