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The Cylinder Test Equipment Has Outstanding Performance

Sep 04, 2017

Cylinder test equipment for high pressure cylinders (oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen, etc.) for water pressure test, with unloading valve, water pressure test, tilting pouring, bottling valve and other four functions.

Cylinder test equipment to meet the new requirements of the cylinder test standards, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments in the free state test pressure, for the first domestic publication, advanced cylinder testing equipment.

The cylinder test equipment is suitable for high pressure cleaning of the natural gas cylinders, and the dirt residue inside the cylinder is cleaned.

Configure the special cleaning to grab, can be a full range of internal cleaning; high pressure cleaning --- compressed air pressurized drainage can be set by the time to complete the process automatically.

Cylinder inspection line Main technical parameters:

1, power consumption: 2.2KW

2, consumption of water flow: 20L / min

3, cleaning efficiency: 2 min / gas cylinders (80L cylinders as an example)

Cylinder test equipment can be achieved without pit installation, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments the whole structure of a more scientific, perfect and reasonable, and truly reflects the machine easy to operate, the effect is good, the advantages of high efficiency.

The cylinder test equipment has the following outstanding performance:

★ use the weighing method to automatically read the empty bottle weight, bottle water weight, automatic calculation of volume;

★ using flow meter control, automatic water;

★ water jacket part of the automatic sealing of the cylinder seal, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments test bottle mouth with my company's patent --- within the high-pressure self-sealing fast bottle mouth seal;

★ use of computer automatic control cylinder pressure test;

★ automatically collect water (deformation value), pressure, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments time data group and save;

★ During the test, the dynamic display time / water curve, time / pressure curve, water / pressure curve;

★ automatically calculate the residual cylinder deformation rate and determine the test results, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments and all the test data automatically saved;

★ Automatic generation of hydraulic test report (EXCEL format);