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The Main Role Of Cylinder Test Equipment

Sep 25, 2017

Cylinder test equipment in the process of testing the natural gas cylinders, in order to prevent the cylinder in the residual gas mixed with the air, resulting in pollution of the environment, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments causing the air in the combustible gas exceeded the impact of staff health, must first on the cylinder Of the gas is replaced by venting or recycling.

The cylinder test equipment is designed to compress the remaining natural gas from the natural gas cylinders. Discharge at the same time, repeatedly into the cylinder filled with nitrogen, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments dilute the concentration of natural gas until the natural gas in the gas concentration to meet the requirements, can be carried out the next step to remove the valve valve process. The product is suitable for production test logistics line use.

Cylinder test equipment for the nominal working pressure ≤ 25Mpa, nominal volume (30L-150L) compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinders, but also to meet the corresponding (CNG) steel lined ring winding compound cylinders (hereinafter referred to as winding Bottle) of the periodic inspection.

Cylinder test equipment consists of rack, compression device, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments bottle turning device, transmission and electrical control system and other components, its main role is as follows:

1, the clamping device: the role of cylinder through the cylinder pressed and released.

2, turn bottle device: through the cylinder and bottle turning mechanism to automatically up and down the cylinder.

3, the drive: driven by the motor reducer, so that the spindle rotation, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments the spindle with universal joints and loading and unloading bottle valve fixture, fixture can move up and down before and after.

4, electrical control system: control motor positive and negative operation; set to determine the bottle valve torque, automatic parking device.