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The Performance Of The Cylinder Test Equipment Is Reliable

Nov 01, 2017

Cylinder test equipment, solid structure, reliable performance, advanced technology, easy to operate, suitable for major manufacturers and special inspection of the cylinder.

Cylinder test equipment range:

(CNG) cylinders with nominal working pressure ≤25Mpa and nominal volume (30L-150L), Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments and can meet the requirements of the corresponding (CNG) steel lined ring-wound compound cylinders (hereinafter referred to as winding bottles) test.

1.1 CNG cylinder technical parameters

* Gas cylinder diameter: 200-426 mm

* Cylinder length: 680-2200 mm

* Cylinder weight: not more than 250Kg

Cylinder test equipment consists of rack, compression device, bottle turning device, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments transmission and electrical control system and other components, its main role is as follows:

1, the clamping device: the role of cylinder through the cylinder pressed and released.

2, turn bottle device: through the cylinder and bottle turning mechanism to automatically up and down the cylinder.

3, the drive: driven by the motor reducer, so that the spindle rotation, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments the spindle with universal joints and loading and unloading bottle valve fixture, fixture can move up and down before and after.

4, electrical control system: control motor positive and negative operation; set to determine the bottle valve torque, automatic parking device.

Cylinder test equipment is suitable for gas as a power source to air pump as a pressure source, the output liquid pressure and drive gas proportional. Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments By adjusting the drive air pressure, the corresponding output liquid pressure can be obtained. When the drive air pressure and output liquid pressure balance, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments the air pump will stop filling, the output liquid pressure will be stable in the pre-set pressure. By controlling the intake air volume, the flow rate of the liquid can be controlled to control the rate of increase, and the residual deformation rate can be calculated from the weight of the overflow water from the water jacket after the cylinder is deformed. So it has the characteristics of explosion, output pressure adjustable, step-up speed controllable, small volume, light weight, simple operation, Gas Cylinder Testing Equipments reliable performance and wide application range. It is especially suitable for volume, valve, groove, pipe joint strength, Overpressure, and blasting test, external measurement of permanent volumetric expansion rate of deformation test, the whole set of equipment is simple, functional and spare parts complete, safe and reliable, has many customer satisfaction for many years

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