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Working Principle Of Screen Printing Machine

Apr 06, 2017

With the commonly used hand-screen print screen printing machine For example, can be the working principle of screen printing presses as follows: transmission mechanism by the driving force, let the scraping plate in the movement of extrusion inks and screen printing plate, so that the screen printing plate and substrate formation of a pressure printing line, because of the tension N1 and N2 screen, to scrape the ink plate production Force F2, back stretch to make the screen printing plate in addition to the printing line is not in contact with the substrate, ink scraping plate in the extrusion Force F1 action, through the network hole, from the movement of the imprint printing line leakage to the substrate.

In the printing process, the screen printing plate and scraping board to carry on the relative movement, squeeze pressure F1 and back elastic F2 also synchronized with the move, the screen in return to the effect of elastic, timely return to the substrate and contact, lest the stain rub dirty, that is, screen in the printing stroke, constantly in deformation and rebound.

Scraping board in the completion of one-way printing and screen printing plate with the substrate, and return to ink, that is to complete a printing cycle. Back to the ink substrate and screen printing on the opposite of the distance is called the same version of the distance or net distance, generally should be 2~5mm.